Are you ready to heal your marriage?

If you feel defeated about your marriage, are considering divorce, or just feel like you can’t figure out how to turn things around in your marriage on your own - this plan is for you.

90 Days To Save Your Marriage

No matter where your marriage is today, there’s hope for an awesome marriage. This plan starts right where your marriage is today and gets it on the road to healing.

When you sign up for 90 Days To Save Your Marriage, you will get an email from Dr. Kim every day for 90 days with one thing you can do each day to save and heal your marriage.

This program would normally cost $149 but due to our generous donors, you can access it for only $29.

Start healing your marriage today

Your marriage is worth every effort to save it

Give your marriage everything you’ve got and commit to doing just one thing a day for 90 days.

Dr. Kim is a professional marriage counselor with 40+ years of experience. This plan contains the things he recommends for every struggling couple to walk through.

This program would normally cost $149 but due to the generosity of our donors, you can get it for only $29. For just $29 you can start to heal your marriage. 

Counseling is important...but it can also be expensive. This program can cut down on the amount of counseling you will need, help you save money, and get your marriage on the fast track to healing.
Give your marriage a fighting chance and sign up for the 90 Day Challenge today!

Curious what type of content you’ll be getting in 90 Days To Save Your Marriage?

Here are some areas Dr. Kim focuses on:

  • How to rebuild trust
  • How to deal with conflict the right way
  • Reframing your marriage and your spouse
  • Dealing with toxic thought patterns in marriage
  • Healthy expectations versus unhealthy expectations
  • Dealing with each other’s differences
  • Achieving effective communication in marriage
  • Learning from other couples who do have awesome marriages
  • Prayer guides
  • Dealing with negative patterns in marriage and how to overcome them
  • Handling jealousy in marriage
  • Keeping short accounts with your spouse
  • Dealing with stress when it comes to marriage
  • Overcoming money issues in marriage
  • Tips on how to deal with conflict
  • Intimacy help
  • Ways to put God first
  • Ideas on how to invest in your marriage
  • Ways to serve your spouse
  • Advice on how to grow spiritually together
  • And so much more!

One of the best things about this guide to saving your marriage is how practical it is. Sign up today for a fraction of the cost of just one counseling appointment!