Are you ready to have a healthy sexual relationship in marriage?

God had a plan for sex in marriage when He created man and woman, but most couples are not fully enjoying this gift in their marriage. Every couple hopes to have great sex in their marriage. Going into marriage, we often have high expectations for sex to be exciting and fulfilling, and it absolutely can be.
Learn how to achieve awesome sex in marriage from a Christian Counselor and Christian Sex Author. The best part? You can learn in the privacy of your own home with this online course.

Introducing Achieving Awesome Sex in Marriage: The Christian Sex Course

The Achieving Awesome Sex in Marriage: The Christian Sex Course is a series of 15 sessions with application questions, designed to help couples have a healthy sexual relationship in marriage.

In this course, you will learn: 
  • How to STOP arguing over frequency to START enjoying sex more
  • Tips to dealing with mismatched levels of desire 
  • Ways to help your spouse feel more comfortable in the bedroom
  • 5 things your spouse wants from you in bed
  • About the 5 types of intimacy, and how to grow them 
  • How to protect your sex life
  • How to make sex more satisfying for both spouses
And so much more....

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Meet Dr. Kim Kimberling

Dr. Kim Kimberling developed Achieving Awesome Sex In Marriage: The Christian Sex Course for couples looking for practical advice on how to have a healthy sexual relationship in marriage. The course is designed to help couples learn to communicate more effectively about sex, expectations, and differences. 

For less than the price of 2 counseling sessions ($100-$180 a session) you will hear from Dr. Kim Kimberling, a professional marriage counselor with 40+ years of experience, on 15 topics relating to sex in marriage and receive practical advice on how to achieve a healthy sexual relationship in marriage. Even if you have a good sexual relationship in your marriage, you can grow from the course and learn some of Dr. Kim's best tips for maintaining an awesome sexual relationship in marriage. 

Best part? Courses are self-paced. You get to go at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

Meet J. Parker

J. Parker is a Christian sex author, speaker, blogger, and podcaster. She earned her bachelor’s degree in history from Abilene Christian University (emphasis on church history) and a master’s degree in counseling from the University of Houston.

Her ministry, Hot, Holy & Humorous, began as a simple blog with the goal of helping others understand God's design for sex in marriage. Since then, she's published over 1,000 blog posts; written five books, including Hot, Holy & Humorous: Sex in Marriage by God's Design and Pillow Talk: 40 Conversations About Sex for Married Couples; released 140+ podcast episodes with Sex Chat for Christian Wives, hosted with three other marriage bloggers; and launched a podcast for husbands with a co-host and an online community for higher desire wives.

But J’s goal remains the same: helping couples embrace God's blessings for their marriage bed.

She has two grown sons, a daughter-by-marriage, and will soon reside near Fort Worth, Texas. But while their house is being built, J is adventurously living in Europe with her fabulous but oh-so logical husband, fondly nicknamed “Spock.”

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